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Openlabo in YUKOSAI

Participation in the YUKOSAI OPENLABO

SiMS exhibited in Openlabo of YUKOSAI held in OPU.

Schedule: May 24, 2014 (Sat) 13:00 – 16:00
Place: A5 Bldg. Room 124, Nakamozu Campus

At the Yukosai of Osaka Prefecture University on May 24, 2014 (Sat), the Leading Program and Interdisciplinary Research Group participated in OPENLABO as a team. On the day of the festival, in the hot sunlight reminiscent of summer, there was a flea market, booths of Prefecture University volunteers, and various other events, and the place was filled with people and students.

OPENLABO was an event held for the first time, and it is a place to introduce the daily research of each of the research laboratories and research groups. With the title, “Aim to Become an Industry-leading Global Research Leader!,” the SiMS Program collaborated with the Interdisciplinary Research Group with the purpose of communicating to the students and people the significance for students enrolled in a graduate school to obtain a doctorate degree as a researcher, and how Osaka Prefecture University strives to train competent doctors. This was done in such ways as introducing a day-in-the-life video of a SiMS student striving to become a doctoral researcher, introducing the daily works and activities of the Interdisciplinary Research Group, and mini-lectures regarding the human resources that companies are seeking given by specially-appointed professors of the SiMS Program.

The audience included high school students, college students, and people with families, and they listened to the explanations given by the staff earnestly. We also received great feedback through the survey.

Video Day-in-the-life of SiMS student

Video Day-in-the-life of SiMS student in a Laboratory

Introduction of the Interdisciplinary Research Group

Introduction of the Interdisciplinary Research Group


Mini-lecture “The Human Resources that Companies Seek”

In front of the poster of SiMS

Students in front of the poster of SiMS Program