First SiMS Conference

The first SiMS conference, the meeting which SiMS students planned and operated all was held on June 4, 2016.
Mr. Daiyasu, the organizer of this conference said “I am one of the 2nd batch students. I feel there is room for improvement in SiMS, because we don’t have relationship between the grades, besides we don’t know research theme each other. After entering 3rd batch students, I thought this conference needed under the sponsorship of students”.

Six students presented from 1st to 3rd batch students and other 24 students attended.
The conference was active and finished successfully.

Date and time: 16:30 – 18:30, June 4 (Sat), 2016
Venue: East K-102m, B4 Bldg.
Target: SiMS students

* to know each other’s study
* to create the opportunity of i-ws and collaboration
* to practice the communication of your study with students who have different fields
* To get interest in other students’ study and ask questions actively

Presentation style:
* First part: Oral presentation (5 min) and question time (4 min)
* Second part:Free discussion with respect to each themes (in each spaces)