“Special Seminar for Strategic Reasoning and Thinking” 2014 Final Report Meeting

“Special Seminar for Strategic Reasoning and thinking” Final Report Meeting (Nov. 22, 2014)

As an important required subject of the program, starting in April, we conducted exercises repeatedly split in five different groups. The focus of this exercise was to develop “systems thinking” looking at complex subjects in a holistic manner. The target would be decided by each of the groups, the systems would be decomposed and analyzed and the status of the subdivided elements and challenges would be researched. Of the above, the training focuses on finding the development theme for the next generation (excluding marketing).

The final presentation meeting was held and consisted of content worked on by students for more than seven months. Teaching staff of each field, undergraduates, and visitors from companies participated in the meeting, and we received candid questions and evaluations.


Final presentation meeting 1


Final presentation meeting 2


Poster session 1


Poster session 2