SiMS United States Training Tour 2014

“SiMS United States Training Tour” -Visiting the Holy Land of Innovation and Ventures- (November 29 to December 6)

In preparation of a career plan to launch oneself globally, seven SiMS students, the leading professor, and support office staff visited local universities, research institutions, and venture companies mainly in Silicon Valley on the west coast of the U.S throughout the months of November and December.

The main visiting destinations were the University of California (UC) Berkley, Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Plug and Play, a venture support company in Silicon Valley, Gupta Technology, a software company operating globally, and the U.S. research laboratory of Panasonic. Furthermore, the headquarters of currently world-leading IT companies such as Apple and Facebook were also seen up close, and it was a great opportunity to come directly in contact with the holy land of innovation, Silicon Valley.

Overall, the participating students felt the difference in the research environment between Japan and the U.S., and saw the fast-changing venture companies and scenery of innovation. They felt the importance of the global perspective in their career plans.


At Gupta Technology


At the U.S. research laboratory of Panasonic