First Industry-Leading Research Personnel Development Forum

Under SiMS program, which aims to produce doctoral leaders who can play an active role in industry, the first opinion sharing meeting with companies was held to enhance collaboration in employment, internships and education for the program’s students. There were 13 participants from nine companies, mainly managers in charge of research and development and personnel affairs.

The forum started with an address by President Hiroshi Tsuji of Osaka Prefecture University, emphasizing the university’s tremendous efforts focused on this program. He explained the objective of the program and what kind of professionals with a doctorate are to be developed through this program. In the subsequent question and answer session and opinion sharing meeting, we received questions one after another from participating companies about this program as well as their views on what kind of personnel with a doctorate they need, indicating their high expectations for students in this program.

We believe that we took a hopeful first step to develop and provide opportunities for students in this program to play an active role in the future. We are planning to expand collaboration with companies to cover a wider variety of business categories and organize more meetings with the participation of SiMS students as well.


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