Last lecture for the “Special Seminar for Scenario Task Oriented Planning”

Leaders in the next generation are required to have the ability to present a vision to create new values, to accurately identify changes in society and issues in industry, and to set forth and address issues on their own.
The Special Seminar for Scenario Task Oriented is designed to develop these abilities and skills.

In this six-month course, students held discussions with leaders in industry and government and interviewed companies to identify issues present in society. They selected one of these issues and discussed methods to address it.

In the last lecture of the seminar, Mr. Nomura, former representative president of Risona Bank, and Mr. Tsuji, the representative president of PAL, were invited and students made presentations and had a round-table discussion with them.
The round-table discussion was held in a friendly atmosphere, sometimes with a laugh. Students were able to obtain very valuable information about prerequisites expected from businesspersons in the future and the current situations of companies from the two guests, whom they would otherwise never have had an opportunity to speak with.


Presentation by SiMS student


Round-table talk