Lecture by Dr. Kazuaki Tarumi to SiMS students

On Wednesday, May 27, Dr. Kazuaki Tarumi from Merck KGaA, Germany, who was visiting Japan, delivered a lecture to the Leading Program’s students.
Dr. Tarumi was awarded the prestigious German Future Prize by the Federal President of Germany in 2003; since then he has been playing an active role as a “global leader leading industry” and as a member of Merck KGaA of Germany.
While, as a leader, he is engaged in coordinating opinions from laboratories in different countries, recruiting human resources, financial reporting and other business activities, he also serves as a researcher to develop new materials, conducts surveys on the situation of research in physics in Germany, and engages in other research activities. His lecture greatly encouraged SiMS students to think about their future career.


Dr. Kazuaki Tarumi, Kerck KGaA


Leader’s job by Dr. Kazuaki Tarumi