Lecture by Dr. Kazuaki Tarumi for university students and graduate students

On Thursday, May 28, Dr. Kazuaki Tarumi from Merck KGaA, Germany, who was visiting Japan, delivered a lecture entitled “What I Was Asked by the President of Germany” to students of Osaka Prefecture University.
Dr. Tarumi was awarded the prestigious German Future Prize by the Federal President of Germany in 2003; since then he has been playing an active role as a researcher and as a leader.
He talked about his own experiences, including working for a foreign company, and knowledge and skills necessary for researchers.
The audience, ranging from freshmen of the university to students in the doctoral course, listened with interest to his lecture.
In the question and answer session at the end of the lecture, many students raised their hands and asked questions, to which he responded in detail.


Dr. Tarumi, Merck KGaA


Skills necessary for researcher by Dr. Tarumi