Scientific Literacy Class 2015

Scientific Literacy is a required subject for the SiMS students. In this academic year, this class for the students in the second year was designed as an intensive course of four periods per day in 15 sessions.

The class covered various themes related to science and technology and ethics. Students received lectures on ethical issues that science faces in modern society and discussed views on human beings, values, and social responsibility that are essential to researchers.

In the last class on Monday, August 31, students selected one of the themes dealt with in all the classes of the course and presented their own views on it. The themes ranged widely, including religion, education, research ethics (fraudulence, social responsibility) and nuclear power generation. There were active discussions among students as well as those between students and lecturers. In this academic year, unlike presentations in the previous year, slides were not used.

This course served as a starting point for students to develop deep insights and sensitivities, which are essential for them to contribute to the world as a researcher in the future.


Prof. Morioka in charge of the class


Student answering the question




Exchange of opinions