Second Career Design Seminar

A “Doctoral Course” can Change Your Future!?

Following the First Career Design Seminar for Students of the Science and Engineering Majors “Recruitment and Doctoral Course Seminar” held on November 13, 2015, the Second Career Design Seminar entitled “A Doctoral Course Can Change Your Future!?” was held on December 8.

In Part 1, Mr. Motonobu Matsuda, the Program Operation Representative of the Industry-University Cooperative Center of Advanced Education, gave a lecture in which he provided background and the current situation on the demand for personnel with a doctoral degree, which serves as a career path to industry, and discussed the efforts being made by Osaka Prefecture University in career education for doctoral students. We also invited Dr. Hirohisa Takeuchi, a young graduate from Osaka Prefecture University, who is playing an active role as a doctoral researcher for a company. He talked about his own experiences and encouraged young students by saying, “Those who can create 1 from 0 are professionals with a doctorate.”

In Part 2, briefing about the Leading Program (SiMS) was first provided, followed by a lecture by Tokunin Professor Masaaki Fujita, a SiMS mentor, entitled “Invitation to the Leading Program: To become a global leader; Personnel with a doctorate needed by companies; What companies expect from professionals with a doctorate.” In the lecture, he introduced SiMS’s efforts to develop doctoral researchers who can globally play a leading role. At the end of Part 2, two students of the SiMS Program talked about how and why they chose SiMS, courses provided by SiMS, and their future goals.

Comments from students who participated in the seminar included the following: I was convinced that graduates with a doctoral degree are definitely needed by society; I had many concerns about taking a doctoral course, but I can now think about it positively; and I want to obtain a doctorate degree to become well recognized in the world. It seemed that the seminar helped students recognize that pursuing a doctoral degree is one of the important career paths.


Lecture by Dr. Takeuchi


Students listening to the lecture